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Deductive Health Solutions has been helping a wide variety of athletes – amateur, professional and sport enthusiasts for many years. Hear are some of their stories an get inspired to learn how DHS can make you FREE of muscular pain and suffering!

The QLD System

When Deductive Health Solutions started the overriding goal was to create a highly accurate Assessment System that showed a person’s true musculoskeletal instabilities, weaknesses and

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MLB Pitcher

Jordan an MLB Pitcher came to DHS because of pain in his right shoulder, his throwing arm. He had been ruled unable to pitch because of shoulder stiffness and was diagnosed with a

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Jazzercise Instructor

Bridget  taught Jazzercise for more than 15 years. She reached the point of being unable to teach due to severe pain and numbness in her feet. She was  referred to Scott Elder due to a pain in her hip.

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Active Golfer

Ray is an active golfer and enjoys being outdoors. When he was 70 years old he suffered a severe fall resulting in crippling fractures to his

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Based on AI, Deep-Learning, Neural Network Technology
A Proprietary Musculoskeletal Algorithm Which Analyzes and Cross References:

All Potential Muscular Deficiencies at Each of the Joints in the Body
All Limitatations Indentified by Range-Of-Motion Examinations
All Joint Instabilities Contributing to the Identified Deficiencies