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Active Golfer

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Ray is an active golfer and enjoys being outdoors. When he was 70 years old he suffered a severe fall resulting in crippling fractures to his lower right leg and ankle.
He underwent multiple surgeries, where doctors implanted 16 pieces of metal in his leg, and then started therapy sessions for the long road to recovery. 
When his prescribed recovery workouts and physical therapy failed to stop continual acute body aches and pains, DHS conducted a QLDTMAssessment. 

His Assessment showed three areas of severe stress along the spine and many other very worrisome muscle deficiencies. After a number of months, following the QLDTM customized Prescriptive Plan of Action, he was able to strengthen the muscles along the spine and lower legs, reducing compensation movements – resulting in greater stability and balance; a more fluid golf swing and a much better game!