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QLD Solution


Quality of Life


Scott Elder, Founder of Deductive Health Solutions, spent many years playing collegiate and professional football as a punter and underwent several significant surgeries for game related injuries. At the Green Bay Packer training camp Scott suffered a career ending injury. 

During his rehabilitation he wanted to know more about the exact reasons for the game ending injury and why he never received satisfactory explanations for the underlying reasons for each of his other athletic injuries. He began an in-depth muscular and biomechanical research of all the skeletal muscles in the body and their interaction across more than 1,000 Range of Motion affiliations and 750 potential spinal interactions.

The result of his research was a massive database of muscular interactions and dependencies which he developed into proprietary AI, Deep-Learning software algorithms that accurately identifies the root causes of all musculoskeletal imbalances, weaknesses and limitations in the body and provides a detailed “Prescriptive Plan of Action” to strengthen, rebalance and stabilize the imbalanced area – leading to renewed athletic performance and a much better “Quality of Life.”

The DHS FitAssess System is very different from existing assessment programs. Others utilize goniometers to measure joint angles or ranges of motion. They then compare the results to a large knowledge base of other assessments. However, they fail to uncover true muscular deficiencies and bodily compensations because they compare goniometer measurements to a user database – instead of analyzing actual muscular interactions and potential compensations across the body for each individual.

FitAssess is the only true, accurate musculoskeletal system that, in real-time, completely searches, analyzes and cross references 178 individual skeletal muscles and their interactions across more than 1,000 possible range of motion affiliations.

FitAssess has been proven through more than 700 individual evaluations, including amateur and professional athletes, sports teams, active fitness and sport enthusiasts and senior citizens.