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The FitAssess Assessment System was invented by Scott Elder - a celebrated collegiate and professional athlete and sport trainer.

“I have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest strength and conditioning coaches in the country, from High School to College and into Pro Football. That being said, in college I fractured my L5 vertebra. I went misdiagnosed for almost two years until I could not take the pain and dysfunction anymore. I underwent surgery to repair the fracture, then went through several months of rehabilitation.

I returned to the football field and played two more years. After being drafted by a Professional Football Team, during training camp, I tore my patella tendon - and my career was ended!

Every medical professional told me that the two incidences were not related. I knew somehow, they had to be, so I started creating a complete musculoskeletal database. This consisted of identifying every joint in the body, every range of motion at each joint, every muscular association to the joints and all corresponding actions.

Eventually, what I discovered was that while the boney structure of my back was repaired, the muscular compensations that had developed were only being strengthened in physical therapy. When I returned to the field, I felt limber and strong, but I was really an accident waiting to happen.

The stress was being distributed into my Rectus Femoris which forms the patella tendon. If I had a system such as the FitAssess Assessment System, I and my training staff would have been able to identify the specific ranges of motion that I should have focused on."


The MISSION of Deductive Health Solutions is to provide an advanced muscular assessment tool that trainers, therapists, sport technicians, clinics and the like can use for understanding the true causes of underlying musculoskeletal anomalies that limit a person's ability to engage in exercise, physical activity, or active sports.

Years of experience as a collegiate and professional athlete and personal trainer have proven to Scott that everyone absorbs and generates forces differently and it is a mistake to focus on an individual-based group data or group assumptions.

Scott’s intimate knowledge of muscular and skeletal structures in the body led him to create an advanced neural network database that consisted of every joint in the body, every range of motion associated with each joint, any and all musculature associated with each range of motion as well as the origin of each nerve associated with each muscle along the spine. Scott, with the technical expertise of Bill Barnett, transformed all this information into the FitAssess Muscular Assessment System - using Artificial Intelligence, Deep-Learning algorithms, and multi-layered neural networks.

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Based on AI, Deep-Learning, Neural Network Technology
A Proprietary Musculoskeletal Algorithm Which Analyzes and Cross References:

All Potential Muscular Deficiencies at Each of the Joints in the Body
All Limitatations Indentified by Range-Of-Motion Examinations
All Joint Instabilities Contributing to the Identified Deficiencies