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MLB Pitcher

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Jordan an MLB Pitcher came to DHS because of pain in his right shoulder, his throwing arm. He had been ruled unable to pitch because of shoulder stiffness and was diagnosed with a right shoulder strain – the pain was also at the bottom of his bicep and near the armpit.

Upon evaluating the shoulder, DHS could find no instabilities among the muscles of the shoulder.

A full body QLDTM Assessment, however, identified a major instability in the left ankle. We explained that this instability of the ankle would cause the body to restrict momentum during the pitching motion. It wascausing him to over stress the arm in an attempt to maximize production. This resulted in less accuracy over the plate, as well as  a reduction in overall velocity.

Focusing on the instabilities of the ankle and lower leg for approximately 4  weeks, he was able to restore full functionality to the ankle, allowing him to pitch within a stable environment. He went into Spring Training as a 3-yearveteran  throwing faster than he had ever thrown.